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"I have worked with Ann over a number of years and her experience and insight have always proved to be valuable. I set up my business focussing on learning and development for executive search two years ago and Ann has been very helpful in recommending me to her clients. She has been particularly helpful as a sounding board around business development and building client relationships. Ann always gets to the core of the issues and provides valuable advice. I hope that we can continue to work together in the future"

Carol O'Driscoll
Archer Search Ltd


"'What I looked for in an executive assessment partner was a senior HR professional who would provide a constructive experience for candidates as well as adding valuable insight to a search. Ann is a perfect match."

Ann Jamieson
SJ & Partners LLP

'Ann has worked with me on a number of Finance Director search assignments where we needed to ensure that there would be a good fit both culturally & capability wise with the other executive board members. She was very responsive and adapted to changing deadlines from the client to ensure they had the capability feedback reports in time for the final interviews. She has a range of on line psychometric and ability tests that are formatted in an easy to interpret way from the client's perspective. All our clients have been pleased with the added value that testing can provide towards the final selection decision'."

Chris Denington MD,
Zinc Resourcing
SJ & Partners LLP


'Ann has worked with us for over 10 years – from her early work supporting my Board in selecting a process for introducing psychometric testing, to our recruitment and selection process across the divisions and at all levels.
Ann continues to work with myself and the Finance Director on search assignments where we need to ensure that there is a good fit for us and the senior Exec roles that we recruit for. Ann delivers a feedback report on the short-listed candidates which meets our deadlines and ‘brings to life’ the psychometric test results to really capture the essence of the individual and their capability. In addition, her reports highlight 'areas for exploration ' and we discuss each candidate’s ‘first 100 day plan’ which we use as part of the further interview and selection process with the candidates.
Whilst Ann treats candidates with sensitivity and expertise she delivers the valuable insight we need to make the right choices.'

Bill Brett
The Brett Group


'Ann helped me work through how I wished to be experienced at work, and how this could be congruent with my personal values, and career choices. She also helped me to see how my not taking individuals through my thinking processes was hindering my development within the organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann as a Career Coach.'

Sharron Ford
Process Transformation & Change Manager


What learning & changes have taken place as a result of the coaching actions & over what time period?:
'I have managed my way around the conflict with the discussed manager& built a better working relationship. I have felt more confident in meetings & in presenting to the new HRD & discussing ideas with him & at external meetings.In addition ,I have taken on board the 360so feedback about communications & hopefully have taken care in all communications so as not to appear to be too abrupt.So, overall the coaching with Ann has helped me by getting me to reflect on how I do things & think about the impact of my actions on others , more so than previously'.

Louise Jarrett
Group HR Operations Project Manager


'I have worked with Ann on a couple of projects, one for recruitment and a 360 review and developmental feedback for our Senior Management team. She provided an honest and objective insight into the feedback for each manager as for the implications for the Company. The managers found the independent advice given by Ann to be invaluable in the development of their plans to address the issues raised.'

Neville Smith
Managing Director


'Ann provided assistance to our business when we embarked on a growth plan and decided to strengthen our structure and create a new senior level role.
The position was a key appointment for us, hence it was critical that we got the selection just right. Ann supported the recruitment process by introducing and managing a range of psychometric tests for our short list of candidates.
Her clear and concise analysis of the results provided a trustworthy and accurate overview of each applicant in relation to their respective characters, approach, and strengths. Ann was also able to promptly provide further feedback and practical advice on all of our own queries that stemmed from the results. This not only gave us the confidence to select the best fitting candidate for the role, but also gave us an insight into potential personal development courses to consider for the chosen applicant.'

Steven Matthews
Divisional Managing Director
Bower Fuller

Our proven approach enables today’s leaders to transform their individual and collective impact, while addressing real- time business issues and generating significant performance gains. 

Doing the extraordinary is a business imperative…there is no where to hide as all that we do is focused on performance and measured by results.

We work with companies in a growth phase to help them as they transition to new ownership structures, or require additional corporate governance to be successful in the next stage of their development. 

We may be called in by a new investor, a new chair person or CEO or by an existing executive looking for an objective review of the top team and how to enhance performance.

The Therapy Shed

Therapy Shed

The Therapy Shed is a unique and peaceful environment in a beautiful garden. It is a converted Victorian workshop which started life as a carpentry shop.
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Strategic HR

We get asked to carry out a number of different projects which are best described under the title of Strategic HR…they range from being a member of a selection panel for the appointment of a new HR Director to in depth consultation with employee groups on a new performance management system as part of a wider change initiative in the public sector.

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