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What We Do

As the energy and focus for the business has shifted the majority of the work over the last two years has been in three core areas:

  • Career and Performance Enhancement
  • Executive assessment
  • Top Team Development and Facilitation

Recent assignments :

Career and Performance Enhancement

  • This is a core area of our work and one of the career drivers that lead Ann Edwards to transition from large corporate life into setting up her own limited company in 2003.
  • Our approach has given success and satisfaction to so many of our clients. There is nothing like it in terms of delivering the change and impact which all leaders have to make to stay employable and ahead of the game.

  • Executive coaching is still is a big growth area for leaders transitioning into new careers or life enhancing roles.

  • Ann Edwards’ unique team of leadership coaches are able to work with top teams at both plc level and operating boards across many sectors and countries. As all assignments are confidential Ann will take the brief and ensure the right coach is sourced for the organisation and the individual executive.

  • We are currently working with the executive leaders of 3 major companies, some undergoing restructuring and others wanting to support their top talent through career transition.

Executive Assessment

  • These ongoing client assignments have been secured over many years of working together to carry out high profile plus discrete third party review and governance for short listed executives going into a variety of roles and industries both in the UK and Europe.

  • The client is often the head hunter who trusts Ann to thoroughly test and validate the experience and capability outlined in their CV Recently, she has worked with the Chairmen of two large family businesses to ensure the right people are selected both culturally and professionally.

  • We are licensed for a specially selected range of leadership and organisation diagnostics. This includes licenses with Saville, SHL, OPP, Hogan, ERAS and exclusive use of an online testing capability as a battery for personality plus verbal and critical reasoning.

  • Each candidate plus the client receives personal and specific feedback related and matched to the role and organisational context Every assessment is tailored to the situation as well as a client request for a particular set of tests.

360 design and development feedback

  • Because of our knowledge and experience of designing diagnostics we have recently advised a leading utility company of how best to use and update its existing behavioral capabilities into a 360 review and developmental feedback.

  • We provided a technical and organisational review of the combined capability of its senior management cadre , enabling the executive board to identify the investment required in capability for current and future needs Each senior manager received his/her personal report with a clearly defined and shared action plan.

Top Team Development & Facilitation/Away Days

  • This is still an important and discrete area of our work; arising out of the need for executive teams to focus on their strategic goals or a particular business imperative.
    • We take a challenging behavioural process approach, linking in with the client’s organisational context and culture Our ethics are to only work with clients that we already have a relationship with and do not take on any new work without a thorough understanding of the purpose of the event /activity and expected business outcome.
    • Frequently, individual stakeholder interviews are held along with the executive team and use of organisational culture diagnostics to understand current and future leadership requirements.
    • Follow-on 1-1 work is often part of this process to enhance performance. We have just worked with a global business partner team in the global financial services sector.

Our proven approach enables today’s leaders to transform their individual and collective impact, while addressing real- time business issues and generating significant performance gains. 

Doing the extraordinary is a business imperative…there is no where to hide as all that we do is focused on performance and measured by results.

We work with companies in a growth phase to help them as they transition to new ownership structures, or require additional corporate governance to be successful in the next stage of their development. 

We may be called in by a new investor, a new chair person or CEO or by an existing executive looking for an objective review of the top team and how to enhance performance.

The Therapy Shed

Therapy Shed

The Therapy Shed is a unique and peaceful environment in a beautiful garden. It is a converted Victorian workshop which started life as a carpentry shop.
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Strategic HR

We get asked to carry out a number of different projects which are best described under the title of Strategic HR…they range from being a member of a selection panel for the appointment of a new HR Director to in depth consultation with employee groups on a new performance management system as part of a wider change initiative in the public sector.

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