It's Coming Up Yellow
Welcome. Well they say it’s Spring (change of clocks, Equinox) but at 10 degrees I’m not so sure ……& for me it’s all about jolly yellow….only recently I have just realised how much I love yellow …not everyone’s favourite colour I know, but it works well as an accent colour, particularly on Easter tables.…in this picture you can see the lovely screen printed napkins by Lara Gorlach that I bought from One The Square in Forest Row before we had even moved in.
As you can see from the picture, yellow looks so great with grey & silver as a season transition to go with yellow tulips or £1 bunches of daffs and the soon to be seen blue of bluebells, then orange once it’s summer! In the Yoga Chakras or main energy centres of the body yellow represents :
ego, personal power, authority, energy, self-control, warmth, humour, laughter….so there you go! More about Yoga Therapy later….
For this newsletter I’ve tried to be more succinct (thanks Jill) ….as most of you already know my aim is to help you adapt as well as be happy wherever you are at, from a holistic wellbeing
perspective…and not to lecture! My total experience as a coach, yoga teacher, well-being consultant, business leader, body worker, therapist & colour fashionista is available for you.
Bi-monthly & seasonally you will receive interesting things to do & wear, holistic health and fitness support ranging from healthy eating to relaxation techniques, including special offers…plus I will share my personal musings of those intuitive thoughts and ideas that have popped up for me.
Ann Edwards
Go Do
  • Twigs can be re-used to hang Easter bunnies & eggs.…they look great if you use budding twigs too
  • In the spirit of Marie Kondo: “Anything that doesn’t make you happy or isn’t absolutely necessary should be touched, thanked and sent on its way”, the bestselling Japanese author says, so I’m having a clear out of my labels/designer/now vintage clothes to sell on my stall with Heather ‘Love Your Labels’ at a Brocante in Westerham on Friday 3rd May 10am-2pm. Come see us. Plus we’ll have smaller & shorter sizes too & accessories….
  • I’m awaiting the start of the Asparagus season which is due to start at our local Groombridge Farm shop at the beginning of May, but I guess it will be in Waitrose before then….but probably not for Easter rolled in Serrano ham & then grilled with olive oil….
  • Buy a new swimsuit….there are some fab ones in all different colours & shapes in Boden and Other Stories & even M & Co. Perhaps have a St Tropez tan before you venture into a fitting room. This applies to the boys as well….enough is enough….shorter legs now, not board shorts!
  • Book your retreats.…whether just for a weekend in the UK or further afield….you can always pm me & I can let you know those that I can recommend as there are so many now to choose from. The website has them featured from around the world. I quite fancy the House of Voga one (yoga with rave dancing jolly leotards & high heels! ) being held in Deia, Majorca at the beginning of June.
  • Cutting down on what to see as it can look like that’s all I do! We loved The White Crow about the life story & defection of Rudolf Nureyev….very poignant & atmospheric 60’s. On Netflix we have enjoyed After Life with Ricky Gervais, very dark with a great lifting at the end, on Sky Atlantic the last season of Game of Thrones plus next series of Big Little Lies – Meryl Streep is joining the star studded cast. Plus our long term favourite Billions & now with Damian Lewis’ wife Helen McCrory in Mother Father Son….both programmes are so well acted with great scripts & very good diction! Also on terrestrial the last series of the Durrells on Sunday ….so that’s a lovely mix of viewing to keep you going….
  • For an Art Fix.…Charleston Festival in their new space plus Mary Quant @ V&A; still not seen the Bonnard exhibition yet or Christian Dior so we had better hurry up! I am rather nostalgic about the 60’s as you can see.
  • New Kundalini yoga practice @ Yard Yoga in Forest Row….I love this practice with the rapid movement of the Kryias, chanting & breath work. You can learn some more by watching the beautiful Maya Fiennes teach on You Tube.
  • Ginger Baker of the Cream @ The Brighton Dome on 12th April – a drumming event with 2 other renowned drummers. We saw an excellent retrospective at the Lewes Depot where he made an appearance too.…a bit crippled with arthritis but still able to drum! When I left Peter Jones I was given a signed copy of The Goodbye Cream album as I had seen them with my uncle & cousins at Wembley …those were the days!
  • In that spirit of talent, we have lost yet another great musician & singer Scott Walker.…if you have never listened to his voice do it now….his first solo album is so beautiful & haunting…Montague Terrace in Blue is one of our favourites or Always Coming Back To You….
  • With all the Brexit brouhaha I am thinking about joining the Liberal Democrat party, particularly after reading Nigel Clegg’s great autobiography ‘Politics’. Shame we have lost him to big corporate indulgence with Facebook but he seems to be making an impact on Mark Zuckerberg already. Plus, I love their new home in Silicon Valley.…good luck to him & his talented family! Unfortunate now that he is not leader as Vince Cable is stepping down….we need youth & energy & reasonableness & compromise in a coalition of shared interest! (enough politicking).

Fashion Fix

Mellow Yellow all the way for Spring…

This is a great sweater from M&Co with a lovely yellow stripe down the side which looks good with pale jeans & track suit bottoms before we go into white jeans. I’ve partnered it here with a yellow linen scarf by Claudia Strater that I bought one warm evening post rose & ice in Amsterdam (many moons ago!).

If you’re not a fan of yolk yellow with a winter pallor try shades of mustard, saffron & pale lemon….I even saw a saffron coloured bikini in & Other Stories ….very 50’s with high waist bottoms & halter neck top…get it now as black has sold out!

I’ve found a new local boutique run by Nicolotte Dix, called Martinico which has fashionable & affordable clothes plus you can buy online….some of it is a bit Rock Chick for me but this one size Maroc maxi dress in sienna is great for this transitional time of year with boots then slides.
They will be at Brocante in Westerham with me on May 3rd….so come see us both!
Tan leather woven shoes/mules are great with yellow & my friend Judy at her shop Avanti in East Molesey has some lovely coloured suede loafers too. You can see pictures on their Facebook pages. She will also do mail order…very comfy Italian, German & Spanish leather shoes & sandals.
Healthy Tips
This is about bringing yellow & nostalgia together for Easter!
Do you remember ramekin dishes? When I worked in the Brides Book team at Peter Jones in the late 60’s every Chelsea bride had French white or Royal Doulton ramekins on their wedding lists.…I still have mine plus Sophie Conran has some nice sized ones.…so here is Robert Carrier’s recipe for Ouefs en Cocotte or Baked Eggs They make a lovely quick supper with a side salad & toasted sour dough bread soldiers:
  • Butter individual ramekin dishes.
  • Slide 1 or 2 eggs (depending on size of dish) into each, being careful not to break the yolks. Sprinkle the top with pepper & salt to taste plus a knob of butter. Place baking dishes in a small roasting pan of hot water (bain marie!) in a preheated oven 325-350F or 165-177C for about 8 minutes or more if you like them firmer.
  • Remove from oven before they are completely cooked as they will continue cooking from the heat in the baking dish.
Plus for more of a dinner party feel, get out those napkins!…:
Baked Eggs in Cream!
½ pint of cream
2 tablespoons of grated gruyere
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of dry white wine
½ teaspoon of Colmans or Dijon mustard
Salt & pepper
8 Eggs
Buttered breadcrumbs!
  • Mix together the cream, grated cheese, lemon juice & white wine
  • Add mustard & salt & pepper
  • Break 2 eggs into each buttered ramekin
  • Cover the eggs with the sauce & sprinkle buttered breadcrumbs over the top
  • Place in roasting pan of hot water & bake @ 375f or 190c (170 Fan) for about 15 mins. Serves 4 straight away!
I sometimes add some fried pancetta or chopped parma ham at the bottom for the meat eaters.…you will need the larger ramekins/pots.

Annie’s Musings

As well as my 60’s nostalgia & even working with a great business colleague from 1994, I have been re-thinking my therapy practice. This has evolved as I moved into the light & I changed my therapy room @The Retreatery. I now have more space for doing my body treat stuff.
As some of you remember from our lovely Therapy Shed days we could practice yoga there in small groups or 1-1 sessions combining with a tailored treatment. So Yoga Therapy with me is back!
Yoga therapy with me is:
A bespoke combination of posture and movement analysis (post injury or strain or stiffness) with simple & powerful yoga postures to do at home combined with a healing treatment to a specific area of the body – neck , shoulders, back, limbs, hips. 60-90 mins from £55. I am offering 1 reader a chance to receive this for £30….so just email me to enter. I’ll make up the rest & give to my charity The Olive Tree Cancer Support Group @ Crawley & Horsham.
So, if you’re feeling a bit lethargic, low or just need some Spring nurturing & TLC come see me.
Annie xx

About The Therapy Shed

Remember to rest, relax and move on …. 
Mellow Yellow!
Annie Edwards

* * * * * STOP PRESS * * * * *

Don’t forget to email me to enter the draw for the lovely Yoga Therapy session 60 minutes+ for £30 :
This includes an easy to do 10 minute practice for every morning to feel wonderful for the day!
Come see my new light space & book online – –
see the complete range of body and beauty treatments or ring
01342 457070 or email
I’m there on Wednesdays
plus other times on request for yoga therapy 1-1s.

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