It’s my 38th Newsletter - 'A Sense of Autumn'
Welcome, well I’m using this title ‘a sense of autumn’ as we still have some warmth in the sun plus the start of fading colours, plus I’m really into using my senses plus nature’s elements as part of my yoga teaching. This month it is intuition and light. So, responding to my intuition I’ve decided to not do a wordy newsletter & blog this season as it feels a bit frivolous to me with all the xxxx in the news – politics, hurricane, cuts to services, young man losing sight due to poor diet, local thefts, darkening & cooler nights on & on. So to keep it light & bright for us all my sense of autumn is about looking after ourselves so that we can feel good for others (what will the world do without me when I’m gone?). At least we have some control over this if we focus & shut out the noise that we can’t do anything about…..SORRY, IT’S GOOD TO BE SELFISH! 
So, as pictures are so pleasing, colourful & I hope provocative to smiling I’m going to try to use less words, more pictures but have not gone over completely to Instagram & Pinterest format as yet! Let me know what you think – thank you.
If you look at the lovely picture of a Painted Lady butterfly above – did you manage to see any of this new migrant from the Sahara this summer? In the Daily Telegraph last week the weather watch supporter wrote ‘I noticed that the orange lustre of their wings was beginning to fade like old lace’.…then went on to hope that they ‘keep enough of their coloured scales to get them back across the continents’. Isn’t that beautiful nature at work. In our garden we enjoyed seeing the tiny wrens early in the morning before they were disturbed by the noisy squirrels in the trees waiting for their moment to pounce on the bird seed. I’m still trying to have my breakfast outside and walk on the dewy lawn.
We should not let the changing weather make us gloomy but celebrate the coming of Autumn as a new term, rather like the NY without the cold. We can make new resolutions for the new term & as India Knight wrote recently, ‘how to bat away the back-to-school blues: take stock, do things differently and enjoy the sense of new beginnings’. Her September 1st shopping list had :
As most of you already know my aim is to help you adapt as well as be happy wherever you are at, from a holistic wellbeing perspective, and not to lecture! My total experience as a coach, yoga teacher, well-being consultant, business leader, body worker, therapist & colour fashionista is available for you.
Bi-monthly & seasonally you will receive interesting things to do & wear, holistic health and fitness support ranging from healthy eating to relaxation techniques, including special offers. Plus I will share my personal musings of those intuitive thoughts and ideas that have popped up for me.
Sincerely, the lessening of the words!!
Ann Edwards.
P.S. As I think you know I only recommend things & people that I like & think others will do. So I am not Instagramming for sponsorship, just out of love for what I do xxx

Go Do


Last planting of garden shrubs.
Have just treated our development to
Annabel Hydrangea


New autumn glow blusher products
from Cult Beauty


Autumn’s hot viewings for TV, STREAMING, CINEMA, ART : Fleabag, Pain & Glory, The Souvenir, Peaky Blinders, Gaugin Portraits, Catherine The Great, The Goldfinch, Judy, Lucian Freud self-portraits….so many plus I’ve just found on catch up on Sky Arts, interviews with powerful women….so far Wax & Kennedy, Goodall & Adamson


Some inspirational room painting…
look at Farrow & Ball new colours or lovely nature inspired wallpapers from Wallpaper Direct


Margaret Attwood & Edna O’Brien’s new books

Fashion Fix

Brown is the new black! Plus cowboy boots!!

Healthy Tips

Soup & casserole plus root veggies…
shortage of caulis & sprouts though!

Annie’s Musings

Soup & casserole plus root veggies…
shortage of caulis & sprouts though!

About The Therapy Shed

Remember to rest, relax and be selfish!!
Mellow orange & brown.
Annie Edwards

Therapy Bookings with Annie @ The Retreatery

Just to let you know that with immediate effect, I am available by telephone, text or email (and not The Retreatery online booking system). This will provide you with greater flexibility in terms of days or times we can work together.
We are moving to a new and larger location in October….so watch this space!

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