Dear yogis, yoginis, family, friends & clients,
I thought I would be in touch with you again since just before lockdown, as we are now celebrating 4 weeks …can you believe it?! …so, I have a few nice things to share with you since then, things that have kept me busy & provided inner strength. Plus thanks to Heather Watt for encouraging me to still do this blog!
Yoga  : for Chartham Park Members, hopefully you have been using my home workout session on the Club Company website , sent to you by the Club on the 28 th  March, plus there are now live Zoom classes available each day (non-members can contact …I did the Power Yoga workout session with Emma last night which was good. If you like a stronger practice I have been doing a live Zoom Class with Kirsten Germann who lives in Forest Row. Her Ashtanga classes are on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday mornings 9 – 10.30am ( ). Plus, if you would like to be transported to Barbados, my teacher there, Pam, runs Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio in Holetown. She posts videos & Zoom classes on Facebook with the sounds of the sea plus wind chimes…she is an Anusara inspired teacher. Plus I know many of you like Yoga with Adrienne
Other exercise practice  : as you know there is so much available but I feel it is more friendly & inclusive to work with teachers you know……so would recommend Janet Hanspal for PIYO, bums tums, plus yoga, and Jen Day, an excellent Pilates teacher & a retreat friend who has a range of options for membership.
Related Facebook posts : if you would like to join as one of my friends I have a regular upbeat posting, including videos of my early morning meditation practice with the birds, a tea ceremony, 5 beauty products to use AND my long awaited morning wake up yoga practice which I have had problems uploading due to lessening bandwidth… Later this week I’m going to share my hugging postures…
The Retreatery  : have 2 posting sites – Facebook & Instagram where I have posted on how to make a body scrub for a detox massage plus other therapists have posted ones on nail care, products & exercise stretches….
….please let me know if you can’t find any of these.
Creative activities:  it’s so good to ‘go back to your roots’ & find things that occupy you plus give you peace & joy .  I love  Cooking  & have enjoyed sharing recipes, turning to old recipes in cookery books (not online), vegan cooking that can be adapted for meat eaters too (I’ve been vegan for 6 weeks now. David has enjoyed them too!). We are lucky that Seasons in Forest Row has continued to be open plus click & collect from their website for vegan products & gorgeous Pugliase bread.  Gardening – finding old seed packets & some compost for sowing veggies….rocket, tomatoes, sweet peas in scavenged pots or toilet roll holders!  Knitting , embroidery, repairs, and for David playing a putting competition with a baked bean tin! Plus  painting  with what’s left of the paint tubes…. & finding some Cuprinol @ Wickes to paint some garden chairs.
Lastly , letting my hair be: as I have run out of products it is now more curly & does not mind less washing & styling, along with a makeup free face as so many people are. Despite the temptation to stay in PJ’s, I do get dressed! Having a loose  Schedule  for each day, rather than the week so you feel you have achieved things, even just making catch up phone calls to see how friends & family are.  Dancing  to amazing music available on YouTube or on your CD player…did you see Andrea Bocelli in the Duomo in Milano recently?, it’s still available….Amazing Grace. Jesse Ware’s new single, Hauser’s cello….list goes on & on… I still like Radio 2…..on BBC Sounds you can listen to plays & books being read, including the new Hilary Mantel. Plus all major theatres are streaming their back catalogues as well as latest ones…..the Sunday Times culture does a weekly update …..
That’s enough from me….I hope I don’t sound privileged as I know I am very much better off than a lot of people right now. Miranda Hart talks about this on her daily chat. I am also an extrovert so find outward activity easy (people & things), so please feed your inner being as well by keeping safe & sane…..only 3 more weeks (?)
Annie xxx Picture below for my 70th in NZ
About The Therapy Shed
Remember to rest, relax and be aware!!
Annie Edwards

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