Feeling your way….
Dear family, friends & clients,
Well hello again, when I last wrote to you it was just 4 weeks into lockdown, now a lucky 13…how can that be?… we have survived somehow; perhaps healthier, fitter & hopefully wiser but of course for many poorer?
It is so funny if you look at your posts & pictures, plus for me my yoga videos over the 13 weeks…you can track what you were interested in plus how you were feeling at the time. Some of you I know have kept a diary…SEE MY VISUAL DIARY AS I SIGN OFF FOR NOW
My key insights from this time are :
  • Exercise with people you know to build community & sense of fun at a distance (written like a true extrovert) plus support your local instructors
  • Look after yourself…it’s easier to be a blob with unwashed hair!
  • Dress up when you can to feel better…I have loved my assortment of earrings with my well worn clothes
  • Having some sort of routine on some days…for me I meditate every morning with the birds & book in the same days for my Zoom classes…the weeks have just flown by!
  • I do what I do because I love it!
  • Buy a big lump ice tray
  • Think short term for now (daily for me) with one eye on your bigger goals
  • Support your head neck & shoulders by lying flat with no pillow (thanks to Jan)
  • Dress up your outside space – clothes to match your tablescape! credit to Daily Telegraph & Petersham Nursery
  • If you need travel insurance, Trailfinders is now offering a policy which will provide Covid-19 cover for cancellation prior to travel
As you can see, I’ve called this Newsletter/Blog …’Feeling your Way‘ & I was reminded of the importance of the senses & particularly TOUCH when I saw this quote from a great Andalusian chef & restaurateur Jose Pizarro:
‘Who wants to go to a place where you are served by people in masks & gloves,…we are endlessly adaptable but we need to TOUCH…it is one of the senses, you need to feel your food as well as taste, see & smell
So as we come out of hibernation (like dormice & hedgehogs) we need to stretch our muscles, limbs & spaces but not let masks & gloves come between us….
As most of you already know my aim is to help you adapt as well as be happy wherever you are at, from a holistic wellbeing perspective…and not to lecture! My total experience as a coach, yoga teacher, well-being consultant, business leader, body worker, therapist & colour fashionista is available for you.
Bi-monthly & seasonally you will receive interesting things to do & wear, holistic health and fitness support ranging from healthy eating to relaxation techniques, including special offers…plus I will share my personal musings of those intuitive thoughts and ideas that have popped up for me.
Sincerely…..keep safe & enjoy reaching outwards
Annie xxx

PICS from my visual diary:

About The Therapy Shed
Remember to rest, relax and be in the moment!!
Annie Edwards

*** STOP PRESS ***

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