It's my 43rd Newsletter - Start of a new term.....
Dear family, friends & clients,
Welcome back, a new term plus a big debate within myself about writing this newsletter/blog due to the latest Covid update which nearly waylaid me & then I thought ‘get on with it’, as we all enjoy it as many of you tell me you do….so here it is! I’m returning to the original format with more content as that feels about right now…..
Another theme that has been developing in my head is about authenticity with the words from ‘Aint nothing like the real thing’ from Marvin Kaye & Tammi Terrell, more about that in my Musings…
For many of us with children & grandchildren returning to school, it is a new term with a very different environment……it’s also a new term for the weather as we fade to early autumn colours. We may be returning to some days in the office, the real gym or like me starting a new piece of CPD with my 550 hour Yoga Therapy Diploma. Fashion also changes its colour theme….those lovely greens, mustards, rusts & browns in the decorating business as well…so do you feel like you are moving to a new state of being…?
Even for me as a strong extrovert I have got a bit lazy about going out from our apartment…I’ve been happy with my Zoom & small group meetings……”come on Annie, what are you talking about, get on with it ?” (as my sister Jill would say)……I admire her as she has been enjoying an empty London….we have had one visit last week to the re-opening of Tozis, our favourite restaurant in Victoria…it was fine & well organised, despite the loving attention from the Italian staff…..! 
How funny…I’ve just found this from my Autumn 19 newsletter :
‘’We should not let the changing weather make us gloomy but celebrate the coming of Autumn as a new term, rather like the NY without the cold…we can make new resolutions for the new term & as India Knight wrote last Sunday.…’how to bat away the back-to-school blues: take stock, do things differently and enjoy the sense of new beginnings’’ …there you go!
Finally, don’t miss the stop press at the end of this newsletter with a special offer from my yoga & nuritionist friend Helena.
As most of you already know my aim is to help you adapt as well as be happy wherever you are at, from a holistic wellbeing perspective…and not to lecture! My total experience as a coach, yoga teacher, well-being consultant, business leader, body worker, therapist & colour fashionista is available for you.
Bi-monthly & seasonally you will receive interesting things to do & wear, holistic health and fitness support ranging from healthy eating to relaxation techniques, including special offers…plus I will share my personal musings of those intuitive thoughts and ideas that have popped up for me.
Sincerely, here’s to us!
Ann Edwards
P.S. As I think you know I only recommend things & people that I like & think others will do….so I am not Instagramming for sponsorship.…just out of love for what I do xxx

Go Do

  • Pick mushrooms.…an abundant crop (check the advice first) 
  • Plant: Annabel hydrangeas & spring bulbs, forget-me-knot seedlings
  • Clear out all your pots, potions & makeup that you have not used or need…I’m sure your skin has survived au natural
  • Watch Jamie Oliver on C4 Family Favourites.…he is authentic! I made his mushroom cannelloni with vegan cheese & milk – it’s delicious with dairy as well….
  • Don’t bother with Tenet but watch Simon Schama on The Romantics & Us on BBC2
  • Read the new Elena Ferrante book – The Lying Life of Adults
  • Have enjoyed The Plot Against America & Mrs America on TV.…even developing a taste for American politics & history as we were never taught it at school
  • If you can, treat yourself to a night or two at The Gallivant in Camber or one of The Pigs in the New Forest or Canterbury or even Cornwall for the Lobster Shed!
  • Get out your Tweed Jackets (girls & boys) to wear when you watch the new season of The Crown (November). Nice ones from Boden
  • Listen to Anoushka Shankar at the Proms on Iplayer.

Fashion Fix

Support your local independent fashion shops where you can… Neilsons is in new premises @ Chadders plus Stil has appointments to book. Martinico as well.
It’s all about looking professional AND still being relaxed if you are working….John Lewis fashion approach for this Autumn is ‘Style with Purpose’ plus a recent Daily Telegraph article talked about ‘clothes retailers that are fashioning a new way to sell’ – the days of the office dress code are over….the mid market brands will survive as long as they move quickly to appeal to customers who might have changed their habits, particularly around issues of sustainability.
  • I was reminded of this when I received my Penelope Chilvers Autumn 2020 Collection entitled Homespun….they filmed it at home in suitable country settings….Penelope & her 2 daughters talked about their work with the same Spanish craftsmen, fusing fashion with function. As many of you know I love their boots….my gold ones that I bought >3 years ago are still going strong & are much admired along with my bovver boots trimmed in pony skin. Great brown ponyskin trainers this season….I want a pair!
  • Today’s paper has an interesting article on all the cratsmen around Florence who support the fashion industry….if you can afford the wonderful Dolce & Gabbana….my dream clothes….I have some gloves!!
  • Am also going to have a clear out of my glam work clothes (perhaps another sale at the right time?), even my jewellery….it all feels inappropriate now
  • Nailberry polishes, wonderful colours plus Vegan, natural
  • What I am looking at, at the mo, are some wide corduroy trousers in mustard plus cardigans, also called stardigans….Nicolette of Martinico has some lovely ones with bell sleeves….make an appt. to see them on the Holtye Road East Grinstead or she does mail order very successfully
  • For my business zooms I’m wearing a nice blouse with jeans or my pj bottoms if running late! Same applies to the guys – a jolly shirt!
  • Plus dresses (YES). I bought 18 months ago from Nicolette – flowery, Liberty style print midi dresses in autumn colours which are still great with boots now rather than flip flops
  • Lastly, which seems a bit of a contradiction….big gold chunky necklaces & hoops to add to the Autumn 20 look….not for the men though….we are not going back to those!! Or perhaps if you watched Normal People with Paul Mescal’s silver chain….?

Healthy Tips

I mentioned Jamie Oliver’s new series plus he did another one during early lockdown with new recipes combined with some of his old ones….so lovely to be nostalgic & get out your old recipe books….feeds my very soul & being….
I still cook his favourite curry sauce from Happy Days with the Naked Chef from 2001….he looks aged 12!
As I mentioned I’m now vegan from March & have managed quite well, adapting old favourites & buying great ingredients locally. 
Have you tried Violife range of ‘cheeses’? They are amazing…parmesan, feta, grated, slices – all taste no different, as stated by my husband & guests…..Seasons, Waitrose, the Co-op carry the range, there is also a new advert, which will mean Unilever will take them over….I hope not!
I also wanted to tell you about my tomatoes….you may remember this picture….
….earlier in the season….they fell over as so strong in their growth in the growbag & sunshine….well they are delicious….so far we have had about 30, with the right amount reddening each week….so here is a Jamie style antipasto plate I’ve provided to my 4 socially distanced guests over the summer:
  • Find a big oval, interesting pottery plate or a big wooden board a la Jamie
  • Griddle some fennel & make some courgette fritters (BBC Food, very easy, plus love to Hazel)
  • Squeeze over lemon juice
  • Add interesting Italian meats….fennel salami & parma ham (no vegan substitute)
  • Then slice mixed sized & coloured tomatoes with chopped basil. IOW toms. are great too
  • Some olives
  • A mix of cheeses, including vegan & non vegan mozzarella. Burrata if you must!
  • Sliced avocado or guacamole (add later with lemon juice)
  • Sprinkle olive oil plus black pepper all over
  • Arrange in a mix of colour….if space I add Grissini plus fennel kisses from Waitrose
  • If more bread required toast some sourdough, run garlic clove over top & guests can make up their own bruschetta….
To go with your favourite rosé….we get ours from The Secret Cellar in Forest Row, prices from £8, so comparable with Waitrose, or a grillo, from Co-op.
Enjoy & chill…we shall survive in style!

Annie's Musings

Am feeling more jolly now after typing & wanted to go back to this idea of authenticity (ain’t nothing like the real thing).
It links in well with looking after yourself, your special mementos, your vintage fashion items plus living to your values, despite all the conflicting rhetoric around….let’s all scream together!!!
….or do a yogic lions breath…
  • My musings all came about after going to a Queen Tribute Band outdoor concert & then watching Tenet, trying to be a clever & a noisier James Bond movie. Perhaps it’s my age but I feel more secure with the real thing….especially David, warts & all!!
  • Treasuring items belonging to my grandparents plus doing Navasana (Boat Pose) in a tribute to my mum Sybil….she always laughed when she rolled back at the same age as me!!
  • When I used to talk about leadership in corporate training rooms & conferences (seems so old hat now) there was a great book called Authentic Leadership by Bill George, published in 2003 & still available on Amazon….about leaders coming to know who they are & solidify what they stand for.
  • Did you watch the wonderful Grayson Perry Art Club on C4?…..that was so great, catch up if you can. He says it helped him so much as well….he has that great agony aunt wife with her striped hair….she is also a great potter.
  • This recent time reflecting has helped me tremendously, particularly in discussions with people who have different & perhaps incompatible views to my own. I have had to listen to them, rather than reject them straight off so that I can understand more about the diversity of their views & positions. There is so much polarisation from the left & right, so that’s also why I’ve tried to learn more about America & the way politics work plus reading about Cromwell & his politicking for Henry VIII in Hilary Mantel’s book!!! Hillary Clinton’s interviews were also very informative on TV….I guess it is still available, I think on NOWTV?
  • Watch new Netfix documentary “The Social Dilemma” to understand the impact of social media on our ability to find out the real facts about things from all the fake news
  • Finally, find your true self in your yoga practice….the Warrior sequence is so powerful …..try it.…lots of YouTube videos plus me on the Club Company website! 
  • I look forward to working with you over the coming terms in whatever way we can….Zoom, Teams, 1-1, 6 in an outside class (?), on the couch…..I’m here for you to be the best you can.
Annie xxx

* * * * STOP PRESS * * * *

Helena’s Top Health & Nutrition Tips!

Introducing a special yoga teacher & nutritionist friend to you for an exclusive treat – Helena Bingham, Yoga Teacher & Naturopathic Nutritionist.
She is offering to you, my newsletter readers, an online exclusive Zoom session, to give her top tips for optimum Health & Wellbeing. She will also answer your prepared questions & respond to your specific needs – e.g., peri & menopause symptoms, sore joints, aches & pains, what to eat & drink for optimum health, “Do I drink alcohol? What supplements I take etc. What’s good for this and good for that!’’
Helena ran one for our yoga group last week & it was great plus no lecturing or unreasonable suggestions!! it was helpful to me as I’m now vegan & wanted to make sure I was not neglecting any important foods & minerals…
The dates and times are:  
Friday 25th September 11am or Friday 2nd October 6pm (recordings available if you can’t make the time)
Please book directly with Helena –
Cost – £10.00, yes only £10! payable by BACS on booking
Online via Zoom – link will be sent after payment 
Plus, a video is also available to you after the event so you can look at it in your own time.
About The Therapy Shed
Remember to get on with your life & be true to yourself!
Mellow orange & brown. 
Annie Edwards

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