It’s my 45th Newsletter, 8 years since I started writing these! So my message to you - Trust in Community!


Welcome, so funny as I have just had my birthday & I reflected where I was last year….how life can change in a year?….the good news is that….we are here & doing the best we can! I feel optimistic as I look outside & see the birds jumping about on the snowy lawn, eating the bird food together (just about).
In my last newsletter I told you that I am investing in my own professional development for my next life stage & yoga journey by becoming a yoga therapist with a 550 hour programme. This is with Yoga United & Phoenix Rising through into April next year. I’m enjoying it immensely, as a culmination & bringing together of my fundamental belief in yoga as a uniting practice for physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual well-being…. I’ve called it ‘bringing together my bits & bobs’. I’ll let you know how you can join in to experience my integrated approach to health & wellbeing @ The Therapy Shed.


As most of you already know my aim is to help you adapt as well as be happy wherever you are at, from a holistic wellbeing perspective….and not to lecture! My total experience as a coach, yoga teacher, well-being consultant, business leader, body worker, yoga therapist & colour fashionista is available for you. Bi-monthly & seasonally you will receive interesting things to do & wear, holistic health and fitness support ranging from healthy eating to relaxation techniques, including special offers….plus I will share my personal musings of those intuitive thoughts and ideas that have popped up for me.


In This Issue 

  • Go Do
  • Fashion Fix
  • Annie’s Musings
  • Top 10 feel good tips to do in your trackies & slippers!


  1. Dancing in the kitchen to your favourite tunes…even sing along! Have you heard the new Celeste album or Rag n Bone Man’s latest?
  2. Buy spring flowers & put with catkins
  3. Do eye yoga, after a long day at looking at the screen
  4. Watch some of my earlier feel good & yoga videos on Facebook
  5. Keep your brain hydrated
  6.  Pause, to take a genuine moment to yourself
  7. Support your local fitness instructors on Zoom, rather than the famous ones!
  8. Make soup
  9.  Speak to the creatures that you see on your walks
  10.  Reward yourself with a new fashion item, to dream of wearing it

Birthday 2020

Birthday 2021

Sincerely, keep it together! 
Ann Edwards

P.S. As I think you know I only recommend things & people that I like & think others will do…. so I am not Instagramming for sponsorship…just out of love for what I do xxx

Go Do

  • What to say here? It’s just so exciting to get changed, do your hair & face to go to the supermarket, chemist, dentist, get a jab, shout at a neighbour over the rubbish bins….!! 
  • So much to see to get goggled eyed, although we have to admit to liking to getting all the jobs finished by late lunchtime & then having a nice sit with a cup of tea, perhaps homemade cake…So an eclectic list of things we recommend on different channels, catch up & providers:
  • It’s A SinCall my AgentVirgin RiverGrayson’s Art Club, new series Line of DutySpiralBridgertonThe DigAmazing HotelsMallorca Files (I think that’s enough to be going on with!)
  • Tune into the new BBC mental health & wellbeing resource – Headroom
  • Read Barack Obama’s latest – A Promised Land…it’s a big book but has a great history of how things were developing with the Tea Party then, plus the explanation of the complex American political systems. I’ve rather got into the habit of reading about political leaders…
  • I also enjoyed the beautiful Gabriel Byrne’s autobio, but don’t watch him in a cameo in ZeroZeroZero…he probably needed the money! 
  • Come to my Monday Zoom Yoga classes which I’ve just started to hold @ 1 for 1.15pm. Email me & I’ll send the link: I’m so enjoying teaching a group again
  • Hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s supper…perhaps you had a box delivery from your favourite restaurant. I heard that Angela Hartnett was even delivering hers from her Murano restaurant….can’t promise that! Perhaps we have grown tired of cooking from scratch?
  • Go see the snowdrops at Hever Castle or wait to buy some in the ‘green’ to plant for next year

Fashion Fix

A bit quiet on this front, although I’ve enjoyed ‘making old clothes look new combinations’ plus sweater dresses are back….I’ve got a plum Peruvian Collection one plus a grey Max Mara one, both with matching cardis which are also back! Very cosy with slippers…
My favourite new look is great loose yoga pants or sweatshirt bottoms with the stripe with a fitted polo or glam blouse from Martinico. I have 4 different looks here with all 3 bottoms from Asquith who have been ’making lounge lovely since 2002’ plus in natural bamboo. They now do plus sizes & have 20% off their new range in gorgeous shades of blue plus a leopard print top!
I bought the black cargos I’m wearing before Christmas & they made great gifts. So for a more glam look for changing into as we transition to some other life? ..
The sparkly top was an Oasis sale purchase & is for my yoga holiday in Agistri in September !!

Annie's Musings

Do you want to tune into your body to really communicate with your inner wisdom & find deeper understanding about yourself & your relationships with others?…
… creating change in the world/body/mind emotions/spirit connections by gaining clearer insights into who you really are & your heart’s desires.
Why is the Somatic part of the nervous system important in yoga therapy? It is client centred & under their control, using the therapist’s instructions to sense & feel what is going on in their body through movement of muscles & bones, then the more subtle inner body feeling/sensations as postures are held with breath control. It can help the client feel & experience old memories, discomfort & pain as they move through the postures slowly & with intention.
So, these statements are all ways of describing the developing of client offerings with the small cadre of Yoga Therapists, who like me come to it with a variety of different skills, self knowledge & yoga practice. I am learning & developing with Judy Hirsh Sampath of Yoga United, who has a great passion to making a difference in our chaotic & splintered world (her quote is above).
For me, it feels like the climax or pinnacle of my learning who I am – integrating what I know, think, feel & love about working on myself & with others….Client focused Therapy, Coaching, Healing, Meditation, Breathwork, combined subtle movement & Yoga Postures…so, enough of the plug, & just to say I am working with individual clients & groups online via Zoom. So, let me know if you would like to experience your own deep self-healing, through your responses & under your control combined with my direction…we can set up an exploratory discussion: or 07815 883152.
Lastly, picking up on my introductory strap line ‘Trust in Community’, I just want to say, there is a limit about ‘surviving’ somehow on your own, talking to your creature or to the screen; we need others, we need community to express ourselves & to feel part of something…so I finish this newsletter by thanking the ladies in our Wellbeing Café Group whom I continue to walk with in pairs, my Zoom Spiritual Book Club, our cocktail friends, my Saturday & Monday PIYO group with Janet, my Monday Yoga group & all my fellow yoga therapists training with me & our amazing teachers. Plus of course my growing family, who tolerate all that I am every day, in every way – which was best summed up by Jack & Hollie’s birthday card to me ‘Mum, you are a rare species‘ say no more…
TA-TA for now
Annie xxx
About The Therapy Shed
Remember to rest, relax and be in the moment!!
Annie Edwards

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