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I am the product of my own eclectic experiences.  My own aspirations to work in a people-led environment began with  the start of a career in retail management.  The role I played in developing up and coming retail managers soon determined my own future in leadership development.

My business success stories have always been rooted in my own sense of wellbeing.  Yoga has long been my “go to” feel good  and as my preferred fitness option.  The more successful my business ventures, the more yoga became an essential element of my personal growth and stability.  Inevitably the more I grew, the more successful I became in identifying holistic solutions for myself and for others.

My interest in treating the whole person grew from a deep understanding of leadership development and entrepreneurial challenge.  From time to time the coaching sessions which I facilitated led my clients to unlock some of the rusty padlocks which had prevented their success.  Padlocks which had kept personal grief, confidence lapses and low self-esteem locked away, but hardly understood.

Ann Edwards & Co

This was my first independent venture as a limited company  almost 20 years ago, and the foundation for The Therapy Shed.  I created opportunities to work with corporate clients on major transformations, combining outstanding consultancy skills with expert coaching and  learning and development techniques.

In addition to working with associates on significant commercial projects and coaching executive leaders, I created a complementary therapies business to run alongside.  This grew out of my love for Yoga and my own capabilities as a qualified Yoga teacher. Plus my qualification as a holistic therapist 15 years ago. The Therapy Shed was born and the two businesses ran in harmony for a number of years.

Communication, collaboration and personal development have always been at the heart of my work with individuals as well as corporate clients.  My objective has always been to create a safe space where people can work through their challenges and succeed.  A space where they can achieve balance and wellbeing. Just be …

And now in 2021, spurred on by the challenges of the past 12 months and renewed training in Yoga studies, I have fused the two businesses together so that they exist in harmony as Ann Edwards @ The Therapy Shed.  A  restorative solution to your needs.

Career & qualifications

Business career

A progressive leadership, learning and organisation development career with global brands and consultancies, before setting up an independent executive consultancy business, specialising in OD, assessment and coaching:

◦ Business qualifications

◦ Licensed psychometrics assessor/diagnostics user

◦ Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

◦ Master Coach and trusted partner

Yoga practice & teaching

◦ More than 35 years experience as a practising Yogini with world renowned teachers

◦ The British Wheel of Yoga  and  Yoga Professionals teacher

The Therapy Shed

◦ Established a wellbeing practice to run alongside Yoga teaching and executive coaching

◦ Various part-time and intensive courses on the full range of massage and healing therapies

Freelance Yoga teacher & therapist

◦ Appointment only therapist practising in Sussex

◦ Support to Cancer Patients & their families with The Olive Tree Cancer Support Group & Macmillan Cancer Support.

2020/2022 – the “here and now”

◦ Advanced Yoga Therapy programme

This body is a guesthouse

each morning someone new arrives.

Welcome them all for they may be

messengers from the invisible.

Do not feel burdened by them

or they may go back to non-existence.

Each time a thought enters your heart

treat it as an honoured guest, your worth

is shown by the thoughts you entertain

Embrace sorrowful thoughts for they

sweep the house of your heart clean,

scatter the withered leaves, and pull out

the twisted roots, preparing the ground

for the new shoots of joy.

What sorrow takes away from the heart

it replaces with something better.

Without the fury of thunder and lightening

the plants will be scorched by the sun.

Be grateful for all you receive,

good and bad alike, for it may be a gift

from the treasury of Spirit that will bring

the fulfillment of your most secret desire

Written by Rumi – a 13th Century world renowned Persian poet  and Sufi

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