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I’m pleased that you can join me today to learn more about me and how I work.  Before we get into the detail, I’d like to pose a few questions to help us get off to a great start:

  • When was the last time that you stopped what you were doing, made yourself a cup of your favourite blend of coffee or herbal tea and thought about you?
  • And assuming you can remember the answer, how many other things were you thinking about at the same time?
  • When did you last consider the joy of having nothing much to think about other than what you wanted?

So today , ask your whole self –

  • What changes do I want to make?
  • Why is that important to me?
  • Am I willing to come through the door and start on my journey?

Objectives and priorities

Thank you for setting time aside to consider my questions and whatever your responses, I hope that this exercise reminded you just how important you are.  One of my key objectives in working with you is to help you to focus on your priorities.

  • You’ve taken the first step towards greater understanding
  • A step towards finding yourself and making progress
  • We’ll work together on a holistic solution – it begins with a conversation about your needs and expectations
  • I’ll describe my areas of expertise and make recommendations
  • A unique blend that’s right for you
  • Together we’ll agree a plan – coaching, treatments, exercise routines
  • And it doesn’t end there, once you join me at the Therapy Shed, you’ll have access to a virtual resource library – videos, insights, tools

How I work

Whatever your needs and preferences, I am here to be your guide on your journey.

It’s my deep and broad experience of life and self-management which I want to share with you.  I recognise that not everyone will want to become a leader or a yoga teacher.  I understand that some clients respond well to touch and find solace in therapeutic massage, while others prefer to be guided through dialogue, or stretch out their bodies, while clearing their minds of what’s around them.

Your Choice

I work with you to make a plan that will meet your current and future needs.  Together we can map out those activities which will bring you most benefit and achieve your personal goals.

It may be that you simply aspire to feel better about yourself, make more time for yourself or become more effective at saying, “No, I don’t have time for that today”.

Alternatively, you may feel so tense that you need to better understand your body’s responses to stress or pain. Whatever it takes for you to create a compelling future. Find Out More

Ready to take the next step forward?

A safe space to be

  • Imagine a place where you can simply be yourself
  • For me, it was the Victorian brick shed at the end of  our garden
  • Add a wood burning stove and some of my favourite things
  • Essential oils, smouldering Californian sage and birdsong
  • It’s where I practised Yoga, supported friends and met with clients
  • My safe place became their safe place
  • The shed remains although I’ve moved home
  • The Therapy Shed has become a virtual space, come on in …

The Therapy Shed

No longer a destination, but a virtual safe space where we can share ideas, the Therapy Shed began life in my Sussex garden.  Initially a Victorian brick-built workshop, I added utilities and an amazing wood burning stove to create welcome and warmth.

I loved that space although (with sadness) left that legacy to the new owners of our home of 30+ years.  Moving to the edge of the Ashdown Forest was a fabulous opportunity to spread out beyond a physical building. 

When I teach at Chartham Park (C-19 permitting) or on-line via Zoom, my idyl of The Therapy Shed comes with me to support what I do. 

Maybe one day an opportunity to recreate that space will present itself although for now I am happy to take it to where it’s needed.  I’m delighted to share it with you today and for as long as we’re working together.

Client Reviews

What you say

A banquet of options

I’ve created some À la carte options as well as some recommendations

You can choose which elements to combine or select a package from my recommendations to either:

◦ Rebalance

◦ Restore

◦ Restart

What's on the menu?

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