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Ann Edwards is an experienced board director and general manager, with particular expertise in leadership and organisational development.  She  worked internationally for over twenty five years with senior executives and teams, who have faced both personal and organisational challenges.  Then, as part of her mid- career development she re-trained as a yoga teacher, having studied in the early 80’s as a UK second generation BWY teacher, then studying as a holistic therapist at night school. This enabled her to set up her well-being business which gave her longevity and joy to the later phase of her working life. She is based close to London and Gatwick, UK.

Ann is comfortable working with a broad range of business , private clients and organisations in a variety of different sectors , whole teams and with individuals. She has always maintained an eclectic network of talented professionals who can be recommended to enhance what she does.

Sustainability and learning

Ability to lead and learn are contextual……what does it take to fit into an organisation, is fitting in the same as making a contribution, what is core to the business, what attitudes and ways of working established in the previous role or company need to be set aside so that new ways can be learned.

There is no sustainable change without learning, organisational change cannot happen without individuals learning. This whole philosophy has enabled Ann to develop and adapt to more of a portfolio career by training as a holistic therapist, healer and yoga teacher. She believes and knows that by looking after yourself, physically, psychologically and spiritually enables you to adapt to any situation whether at work or play.

By the very nature of the confidential and discrete work that she does, these testimonials are unattributed and have been included to show a range of her organisational and personal clients’ feedback.

From Chief Executives to HR Directors to executive search consultants , to business owners to holistic therapy clients to cancer patients from The Olive Tree  Cancer Support Group ,where she works as a volunteer coach and yoga therapist.

She can also set up a conversation with these clients , if that helps you make a decision…Why Ann Edwards @THE THERAPY SHED?

What a pampering experience I had with Ann, using the finest of products on my face and body. It was so comfortable in beautiful surroundings, very calming and relaxing. A full facial followed by a body brush and scrub  , finishing off with an exquisite rose body oil after a detox bathe.

Adapted coaching to specific and varied situations.  Brought it to life with practical board room examples.  Built my self confidence and had trust and faith in my ability to deliver.  Pushed me in uncomfortable situations.

I have worked with Ann over a number of years and her experience and insight have always proved to be valuable. I set up my business focussing on learning and development for executive search and Ann has been very helpful in recommending me to her clients. She has been particularly helpful as a sounding board around business development and building client relationships. Ann always gets to the core of the issues and provides valuable advice. I hope that we can continue to work together in the future

Ann helped me work through how I wished to be experienced at work, and how this could be congruent with my personal values, and career choices. She also helped me to see how my not taking individuals through my thinking processes was hindering my development within the organisation. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann as a Career Coach.

Ann has the rare quality to really – and I mean really – listen and understand clients’ needs, she translates them into innovative and result oriented solutions and commits to successful implementation. She’s courageous and challenging, and the clients we have worked together with, very much appreciate her critical reflections combined with her positive mind set. Ann delights with her passion and astonishing experience. Of all the consultants I have ever worked with, Ann is on top of my list for recommendation to any client company. Working in a team with her was one of the best experiences in my career so far.

I have been enjoying doing my yoga … though I have to confess it is a little hit and miss on whether I get it done early in the morning or late morning.  I hurt myself doing Pilates on Thursday, pushing myself to do more than I can since my operation, so I am a little annoyed with myself but also taking it as a valuable lesson. Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday

I so enjoyed all that we did in yoga class yesterday, I especially like that time of day, the pace of the class and  the combination of standing and sitting postures, thank you.It was good to “see” you. Looking forward to next Monday.

Thank you very much Ann, for our coaching session last week. It was very powerful – as I’m sure you must have experienced with others you’ve coached. It really helped with focus, and have thought about it a lot since.I had a good conversation with x, who (I hadn’t realised) had written coaching books herself, bizarrely. It was fascinating to hear about how she had gathered the courage to make a big leap from her career.

As we approach the end of our adventure. Thank you for helping me unlock my inner self & continue to walk the yellow brick road

Thanks for being with me over this last challenging year , our highs & lows, keeping each other going in all sorts of ways….in a spirit of friendliness, care and support

We love your Health & Wellbeing newsletter. When are you going to write your book?

Thank you for the yoga experience in our meeting today. It was great fun to have a go at something I would not normally do.

Wow! what can I say…totally different experience to what my mind was expecting. Absolutely loved the sensation of the hot & cold stones combined. Initially difficult to let go then left feeling totally chilled, nurtured & soothed.

Bless you for your fabulous professional TLC. Gorgeous healing.

Wonderful yoga classes, very spiritual, calming & uplifting. Leaves you feeling ontop  of the world! Beautiful peaceful location as well. I feel really well after my massage- we had a quiet weekend planned so perfect for a detox. I slept for 10 hours on Friday night….unheard of for me !

At the Day Hospice we have introduced yoga & breathing sessions with Ann Edwards to help with coordination and confidence.

I have known Annie for over 40 years as my tower of strength, working to benefit both myself & my body! Wherever Annie is the Shed is.

As part of her Brand Lab video I sensed your strength, natural empathy and eloquence. If potential clients watch one of your videos they will see this & engage with you immediately.

We’ll definitely have a catch up when we have a chance, cocktails are a great idea! The legacy of xx lives on and is weaved into everything we do now, your influence in getting this to those senior figures in the business will not be forgotten. A much more modern L&D function is growing.

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