Yoga Therapy – The Bridge Between Yoga and Talking Therapy

It is wonderful that yoga has moved into the main stream as one of the most beneficial practices for health and wellbeing –linking  mind, body and spirit through embodied breath. In addition, Yoga has been recognised by the NHS as helpful to their staff and patients with both mental health and stress patterns. This is an expanding area of Ann’s client work as she brings together ‘her bits and bobs’,completing her Yoga United Yoga Therapy 550 hour professional training, accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga, and the British Council for Yoga Therapy. She has also studied with Phoenix Rising in the States.

 In a yoga therapy session of approximately 60-90 minutes, as part of a course of 4-6 sessions, we shall work together with a combination of coming to stillness, physical postures and movement  to develop flexibility and strength, perhaps from an injury or surgery, combined with breathing exercises and exploration of where an emotional  block or pain resides in the body. All my clients have found a deep sense of rest, nourishment and healing into their busy lives.

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