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Leadership & Well Being

ann edwards & coAnn Edwards is an experienced board director and general manager, with particular expertise in leadership and organisational development. She has worked internationally for over twenty five years with senior executives and teams, who have faced both personal and organisational challenges. Ann has her own leadership and well-being business, based close to London Gatwick, UK.

Ann is comfortable consulting in a variety of different sectors , whole teams and with individuals. In addition, she is part of an eclectic network of talented professionals who work with organisations and individuals to bring new insights and thinking to their leadership and well-being capabilities. This is the Ann Edwards and Co.

In the last ten years she has trained as a Reiki Master, Holistic Therapist, Deep Stone Therapist plus retrained as a Yoga Teacher. This has enabled her to integrate leadership and well-being into all the work that she does, focusing on sustainability as part of empowering individuals and organisations to embrace change. More information about her organisational and individual consultancy work is available on the 2 web sites : this  more corporate one for Ann Edwards & Co and The Therapy Shed for individuals.

As the energy and focus for the business has shifted the majority of the work over the last two years has been in three core areas:

  • Career and Performance Enhancement
  • Executive assessment
  • Top Team Development and Facilitation

Our proven approach enables today’s leaders to transform their individual and collective impact, while addressing real- time business issues and generating significant performance gains.

Sustainability and learning

Ability to lead and learn are contextual......what does it take to fit into an organisation, is fitting in the same as making a contribution, what is core to the business, what attitudes and ways of working established in the previous role or company need to be set aside so that new ways can be learned.

There is no sustainable change without learning, organisational change cannot happen without individuals learning. This whole philosophy has enabled Ann to develop and adapt to more of a portfolio career by training as a holistic therapist , healer and yoga teacher. She believes and knows that by looking after yourself, physically, psychologically and spiritually enables you to adapt to any situation whether at work or play.

Our proven approach enables today’s leaders to transform their individual and collective impact, while addressing real- time business issues and generating significant performance gains. 

Doing the extraordinary is a business imperative…there is no where to hide as all that we do is focused on performance and measured by results.

We work with companies in a growth phase to help them as they transition to new ownership structures, or require additional corporate governance to be successful in the next stage of their development. 

We may be called in by a new investor, a new chair person or CEO or by an existing executive looking for an objective review of the top team and how to enhance performance.

The Therapy Shed

Therapy Shed

The Therapy Shed is a unique and peaceful environment in a beautiful garden. It is a converted Victorian workshop which started life as a carpentry shop.
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Strategic HR

We get asked to carry out a number of different projects which are best described under the title of Strategic HR…they range from being a member of a selection panel for the appointment of a new HR Director to in depth consultation with employee groups on a new performance management system as part of a wider change initiative in the public sector.

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